Toni is married to Shaun Coutts and has three children, Ben, Megan and Shannon and two grandchildren,
Cassie and Chelsea Coutts.
The 10 children in the Tapp Family are -  
Toni, Billy, Shing, Sam, Joe, Ben, William, Caroline, Daniel and Kate.
Most of the Tapp's live in the NT. WIlliam lives with his wifeTracey and family in QLD and Kate with her husband Alistair and daughter in Sydney.
Mother June Tapp lives in Katherine and has 24 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.
For more information about the Tapp and Forscutt Family log on to -  Territory Families .
Shaun Coutts is Scottish and most of his family still live in Scotland/UK. We have just enjoyed a trip back tot he old Country in August/September 2010. 
Toni writes fictional short stories as well biographical and autobiographical stories
She was short listed in the 2002 NT Literary Awards with her story ‘Daisy & Dora” a story about going hunting with the aboriginal woman that she grew up with.
She spent time at Varuna the Writers House in Katoomba NSW in 2009 working on her memior, 'It's Raining Fish' which is still a work in progress.
One of the stories from the memoir Walking the Wet was published in the Meanjin Quarterly Review in March 2010.
Toni is a member of the Katherine Region of Writers (KROW) and has a variety of works published in local anthologies, “The Katherine’s comin’ down” a collection of stories from the 1988 Australia Day Flood, 'Katherine Out Back”' (2002)  'Limestone, Lilies and Liars' (2006) 'Chillies Cheats and Chocolate' (2008) of which she also designed the front covers.
Toni is a member of the NT Writers Centre 
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